Day 7 of #Yes100

It’s been a week now, this is day seven of the 100 Yes Days. Every day so far I have said I would not write late at night when I take myself to bed, but every night it happens that way. It makes sense really though, as I am busy through the days getting sorted for our trip and up until today working as well.

Today I woke up early, not sure why actually – it was gone midnight when I went to sleep and woke around 7, unable to fall back to sleep. I had a list of things to do today so got up, had breakfast and started to do things.

We had sausages for breakfast. I don’t normally have cooked breakfasts, maybe once every couple of weeks, and it never used to be that much. Dad was cooking though so I said sure, I’ll have one too. Mum came down to join us and reminded me that in a couple of days I’ll be able to have some delicious Acle sausages at Grandma’s. That thought hadn’t even crossed my mind. It was VegFeb when I left, and I can’t remember if we had any in the few days of January that were left when I had arrived there, so I may not have had any since last December. Looking forward to it.

I set about my day crossing off jobs in order of how I wrote them. I had a 10am appointment, which turned out to be 10.30/45 instead. So I headed down the street to pick up some extra camera batteries I had been recommended to purchase from BetterBatt, and also my freshly dry-cleaned jacket. It’s needed a pretty good clean for some time now, so hopefully that helps for this third winter I am headed for.

I went for my appointment next door to get some things sorted before flying out, and in the process was shown the hometown of our business neighbour’s father in Italy. Altomonte looks superb. She said that if I wanted to head that way to let her know and she may be able to find some cousins etc who would have me to stay. Said I’d be happy to work for my keep type thing, so who knows if that may happen. Being in Southern Italy it may be a good option for the colder months – it won’t be super sunny, but surely will be warmer than other parts of Europe.

I am sure there were a couple of other things in there that I did but I can’t really remember now. I spent a fair amount of time trying to look through worldwide medical insurance offered by Bupa, but then came to realise I would also need travel insurance to cover my phone/camera/laptop etc., not just health. Quite a few phone calls and reading through policy information, I think I am going to go with WorldNomads. They look to be the cheapest – around $540 for 5 months worth, with the option to extend and it doesn’t matter which countries I go to. So that sounds pretty reasonable. I can’t see that much of a difference between it and the Bupa one apart from $130 or so, where as Covermore who I go with are really expensive – especially when I try add in the Moroccan component. I’ll book that in the morning, before getting on to sorting out clothes, car, finalising a digital product and a few other things too.

I was pretty exhausted by mid afternoon. I don’t think this crazy windy/wet weather helps, and I could barely keep myself awake. I took myself to bed somewhere around 3/3.30 and fell asleep. It was gone 6.30 before I woke, and felt like I could have kept sleeping through the night. I’m not sure of the last time I had an afternoon nap, but I didn’t feel like doing anything else but just that. Woke up to find Dad’s chicken casserole was almost ready. Dinner was delicious, throwing some vegetables, drumsticks, stock, lemons, mushrooms and parsley into a slow cooker for a few hours is a sure way for tasty goodness. When I sat down I noticed there was extra cutlery, but didn’t think anymore of it until it was mentioned there was dessert. Crepes had been made, as well as a raspberry mix of cream, raspberries, banana, chocolate and I think something I have missed? Served up with ice cream and strawberries on the side it was a great end for my final dinner at home.

Tomorrow is the last dinner in Hay, but I am headed out for it with my parents, my friend George who I’m travelling with and the rest of her family too. Looking forward to it. It also means I have to have everything sorted by 7.15pm! Best get to sleep so I can wake and finish things off tomorrow.

I am yet to do my French today. I didn’t feel like it waking up tired this morning, and had meant to complete it through the afternoon but hadn’t exactly realised I’d be asleep for most of it. Best complete that now before I fall asleep.

We watched The Da Vinci Code after dinner which had French without subtitles. It was fun trying to work out what they were saying, picking up words here and there. I had forgotten it was set in Paris. I knew it finished there with Le Louvre, but forgot a lot was filmed around the place. Always nice to see the old city – look forward to seeing it again soon!

By the way, I don’t read through any of these posts, just write them out and post. So no idea how they actually read back through as a whole. I just do a little spell-check and that’s it.


From: 11.04pm – 11.20pm
In: Hay, Australia

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