Day 8 of #Yes100

We’re here. It’s the penultimate day in Australia once again, and I right now can barely keep my eyes open. I’ve been slowly working through my list of jobs since this morning, with a little bit of procrastination thrown in too.

The morning mostly consisted of sorting out some washing, waiting for that to dry, coffee, some computer based jobs and waiting longer for things to dry. The weather was looking quite precarious so I decided not to hang anything outside but instead set it all up by the heater.

In the middle of the day I joined Dad for a quick run out to the farm, what’s normally a 15 minute or so trip was almost half an hour. There is just so much water around at the moment that the road from the bitumen was just so slippery we had to take it all quite slow. The idea was to go out and start a pump to help reduce how much water was around in the channels, however when we got there in the end and Dad jumped out to sort it, he soon decided there wasn’t actually as much as he had expected and there was no need for the pump. This was quite good news, as it sounded like it would mean he could join us tomorrow in going to Melbourne and heading for the airport.

We slid around to get back to the road, with the dogs out of the back of the ute and running around like mad. It was great to see both Archie and Buddy having  so much fun. Archie would run through all the puddles, jumping around and racing from side to side of the road, his tail often flicking water up from the puddles as he went through them. Bud on the other hand was more keen to run in straight lines and wander about in the bushes, getting stuck on the wrong side of a fence at one point before being rescued and coming to join us on the road side again. It was nice to get out and see the Plains for one last time too. Everywhere is so lush right now. The greenness has started to fade as when it’s not raining the weather has been starting to warm up. Still quite a sight – especially when there are many different varieties of wildflowers about too.

I had a little chat to my brother Chaz on the way in. Today was his last day of work after almost 10 years. He moves to England for a career and life change in just over a week, which I have to say is just awesome! So happy for him making the move and giving a whole new chapter a go. Really intrigued to see what happens there. Whilst we were driving around on the phone we also had a look at some of the flood levels. All the river roads are shut off as the water is now at 8m, however it still has quite a way to go before hitting the 2012 level. This may well happen if the rain keeps up!

I got Dad to drop me off at Foodworks so I could buy some milk, but more so to say goodbyes to my co-workers. It’s going to be a bit sad not getting to go in and have fun with them everyday, and they seemed to feel the same way too. My little six week stint lasted 7 months in the end, and I am super grateful for that opportunity. I saw almost all of the peeps, and then on the short way home bumped into two more who were just starting, and had another drive past just as I was getting to our place. Joys of a small town knowing everybody.

I spent the afternoon sorting things a little more, lunch and a couple of games of backgammon, however whilst playing I couldn’t help but think I really needed to go and start packing. It was around 4.45 when I started to lay things out on my bed in order to see what was there and what I wanted. I had written a list out earlier in the day and had everything except one little black cardi thing.

Our neighbours came around for a farewell drink a bit after 5, so I took a break to join them, talk and laugh. Many fun times had over morning coffees and I’m sure many more at other points in time too.

I got back to the sorting of clothes etc., before going out for dinner with my parents, as well as the family of my friend whom I am travelling with for the six months. Great to see all the Lowies and spend time with everyone, excitement was starting to fill the air. We were talking of a BBQ earlier in the week, however after hearing that one of the local pubs had been broken into, again, this time having an entire safe stolen and tens of thousands of dollars and donation money, we decided we would like to go and have dinner there to support them.

It wasn’t an overly late night as for most of us we have an early morning to head to Melbourne. When we got back I went to pack my things which I had put into a washing basket prior to dinner. They didn’t look like they were all going to fit, however they did with a fair bit of extra space. I put my backpack onto the scales and was quite suprised to see it only come to 8.9kg. I had left some things out that seemed like duplicates, but decided as I had spare space and plenty of room – my allowance is up to 30kg – that I would put in the extra bits and pieces as I can always leave some stuff at my Grandma’s in England, where we will be in just over 48 or so hours. I can’t seem to find my ugg boots, but had thought they might just fit in the bag – what a serious luxury that would be.

Extremely tired now, and once I finished sorting that. I tried to tidy up some things in the living room before taking myself to bed to sleep, but not before writing this. I think tonight of all nights I have wanted to the least. Not because I don’t enjoy it, but because I could barely keep my eyes open.

I’ll have to work something out tomorrow as I’ll need to write and post before taking off tomorrow night, and then as we reach my Grandma’s Sunday night I’ll have to write and post again there to try and not miss a day.

Sleep now, up in about 7 hours to get sorted and make our way to Melbs.  Keen!

Ah, and I completed my French this morning. I only just made 15 minutes as I was tired having just woken up, but I knew I’d need to get it done early rather than leaving it until late again.


From: 11.04pm – 11.25pm
In: Hay, Australia

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