Day 5 of #Yes100

What an interesting day, well mostly morning anyway!

An alarm was required to make sure I was awake at 8am to get ready to leave by 9. I don’t need that much time, but I know I don’t like to get up straight away so it’s best to play it safe. I woke up at 7.59am and watched my alarm switch on just a moment later.

I was off to Deniliquin for a dental appointment, as well as to catch up with a friend beforehand. I had asked Mum if she wanted to join, so when we were both ready for 9am we went to make our way. To work out whose car we took – mine little runabout or Mum’s main car, we flipped a coin. First was heads – mine, but I did best of three and her came out on top. We journey South along the highway for about 15 before swooshhh – we passed a truck on the highway then heard a crashy type noise – I looked behind to see a rear red light go flying as we slowed to a stop. Mum jumped out to see what exactly had happened, only to discover the back panels had blown apart and the light was missing. We went back to pick it up, try and push everything back into place and attempt to drive again. It popped out again within about a minute, so we stopped and wondered just what we were going to do. We were 20kms into a 120km drive, and we could barely move a few hundred metres without it being an issue. Mum found some band aids in her handbag, so we figured well, this is the best we’ve got – we need to try and bandage it back together and see if it holds. Amazingly it did! I didn’t expect it to. We got back to Hay, swapped vehicles and then headed off in mine. Half an hour later meant unfortunately there wasn’t much time between me arriving and having to race off, but Mum was able to stay and chat whilst I went off to my appointment.


There was a bit of a wait upon arrival, but I didn’t mind as I found an interesting little Reader’s Digest to have a browse through, mentioning something about mindful meditation – and many other things. It was an interesting read with some good points to be made. As the trip draws closer I’m beginning to feel more emotions again – excitement, elation, nervousness, a bit sad and some anxiety trying to creep in too. Mixed emotions is totally normal before a big trip. It is your brain trying to make sense of what is about to happen and the changes that are going to occur in your days. I keep telling myself this, for I have felt these things before, but at the same time trying to control the little bit of anxiety I can feel too – which I had been expecting. I’m really keen for the trip, I just think that getting there is a big step.

Anyway, whilst reading the digest as I waited for my appointment I was delighted to learn you could submit articles and be paid. I thought this was a great idea and have made sure I remembered to bookmark it for later. My phone had died when we got to Deni – barely 2.5 hours off the charge and about 30 minutes of use, yet it was dead, only showing a sign to plug it into a charger. Pleased to know my memory worked and I remembered RD for another day.

The appointment was good and didn’t take very long once in there. We were soon on the road once more and heading back to Hay so I could get to work. It wasn’t the busiest afternoon but I had a few jobs to do so was busy with that the whole while. I saw some people who I wasn’t sure I’d see again, so made sure to say farewells and goodlucks until we meet again. It’s beginning to feel real when these things are said. Not only that it was my second last day of work, only one more now. There are cetrain jobs I won’t have to do again, which still seems crazy to consider. I could try and do figures to work out how many times I have done them since being back home and working again for the past seven months, but I think I’ll leave it.

I completed my French this morning between waking and getting up for a shower. My brain seemed a bit slow but we were getting there, however I was glad when the fifteen minutes were up. I had a very brief look tonight at CommeUneFrancais. I will look at it more later when I have some extra time (I need to get to sleep), but had a memory when I saw from high school when I signed up to Learn French through I never really liked that site and barely looked at any of the emails, but by the end of high school I had thousands of them in my inbox. Learning French has always been something I’ve wanted to do, great to see it’s finally happened a bit more concrete than unread emails!

I can’t believe tomorrow is my final day of work!!!! Shall miss the fun times, but it does make me quite excited!! 🙂


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