Day 4 of #Yes100

It’s my last Monday for the mean time, and I didn’t really know how to feel today.

I woke up earlier than desired, still in the hour of seven. I stayed in bed for a while though, again, I seem to like resting lately. But I wasn’t doing nothing, I completed my French practice for the day, going for the 15 minutes it ended up almost half an hour. It was good, and I was really enjoying it. The bits and pieces are slowly starting┬áto work together, and I am now up to date with my learning from when I stopped using the app back in January or so. Imagine where I’d be now if I’d kept it up? Regardless – Je apprends francais, et j’aime.

I can’t really remember too much of the morning? I was working my way through some images from the recent Making Hay weekend here in my hometown to send off in case any want to be used. Mostly documentation of the weekend and the photographers involved, but also some other images that I quite liked as well.

When Mum came down and said good morning she made the point of not knowing how many more times she’ll be able to say that / and it works both ways, I was also beginning to wonder how many more times will I get to be greeted in the morning, and all throughout the day by my parents.

We had our neighbour join us for a funny coffee morning, calling him up to come over to take a picture with him and the cop car parked beside his house. Funny times and some top photos came about, before getting back to the photos and working on them up until racing to get ready for and to work on time. Can’t be late this close to the end.

Work was a bit slow today, but it is school holidays and that often seems to be the case. Early in the afternoon I started to feel strange for some reason. I felt like my excitement for this upcoming trip/adventure was turning to nerves, and it was almost making me feel sick. I worked on some breathing techniques to calm myself a bit and then also rationalising as well. Not too sure where that came from, but I wasn’t expecting it. It wasn’t overbearing, but it wasn’t how I thought my afternoon would go.

This evening was a bit slow and tired. Came home and chatted, had dinner and then had a phone call from an old friend of mine which was fab. Always good to have a chat with Zo and recall fond memories from this year and many before.

I was headed for an early night an writing session, but then found myself looking up all sorts of things, practiing reading, writing and intrepreting French with a fellow #Yes100er Sophie. We don’t actually know each other, but she mentioned French on the #Yes100 post and we decided it would be good to hold each other accountable. I think I mentioned this in the first post. But regardless, it was fun to chat and work with the bits of French we know. Interesting how some pieces come back and others don’t, but I also love trying to work out the gist of a sentence even if it’s not all known.

As well as that I was also having a bit of a chat with an old photography classmate of mine who is following his dream and rocking it! I was eager to find some information out about what he does for websites, as I really think I should make myself a website for my photography. I tried last year but was busy and got sidetracked, so it all fell through and never eventuated. Tomorrow we plan to talk more and see what happens.

Also tomorrow I have a dentist appointment a groovy 120kms away, so it’s a ~2.25 hour round trip for that, so I’ve lined up a coffee date before hand with an old friend and Mum is coming along to join us too. Once the appointment is over though we’re headed home as I’m due at work upon arrival back to town, for what I can’t believe will be my penultimate day! Wowser. I had been wondering about working Thursday, but with the slight increase in emotions I am thinking a couple of days break will be more beneficial then an extra days dollars. I’ll just have to make up for it another time.

Until then…


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