Day 3 of #Yes100

I want to stop writing these at night time. It seems like a sensible thing to do, to finish off the day by recollecting on what has occurred within it, but when I’m tired and eager to sleep after being busy doing things it’s almost the last thing I want to do.

Today started off a bit earlier than planned, but I stayed in bed for a while just relaxing and enjoying a day without work of any sorts. I spent a while working on my French, still struggling to remember the names of animals, but I kept at it and might even have one more retry before I go to sleep. After completing my 15 minutes minimum I decided to load up German and have a quick go there as well. I hadn’t practiced any German properly before, only picking up bits and pieces from life and my friend whom can now converse in the language. Nicola spent a few weeks DuoLingoing before spending a month or so on a horse farm in Northern Germany, where she picked up a heap more. I still recall being super impressed when we met again in Portugal (we both left Australia on the same day, travelled down to Melbourne together etc., but she went to Germany whilst I was in Paris). Anyway, we were walking around up the top of an area of Porto when we came across a couple of German guys and she just busted out into conversation with them. Now yah, das est kewl. 😉

I got up eventually and started to download photos from yesterdays wedding onto my computer. I need to update things so unfortunately I have to go through a lengthy conversion process before I can touch them, so I set that to do it’s thing in the background and for some reason ended up on LinkedIn. I hardly ever go on there, perhaps I was procrastinating, not sure, but I decided to go through and update a bunch of stuff on there. It needed doing and will help when I redo my own resume as well, so it wasn’t a waste of time. I felt like I was nervous to see how the images came out, so spent a lot more time just fiddling about on the computer, looking up fares and car hire for England and France and just simply amused myself before finally looking at them. I can be pretty hard on myself and at first was still unsure, but going through them with a second eye (thanks Mum) helped me to see them differently, and appreciate what was there. I still don’t think wedding photography is for me, but I hope that the happy couple will be happy with the results once they are all fixed up etc.

Later on in the afternoon we suggested to a friend that if she made dessert (great cook) then I’d do dinner. Plans were made and I had no clue what to do.  A little looking around found a recipe for Mediterranean Tagliatelle, and it turned out to be delicious! Amidst looking for recipes I also found one for a pretty sweet looking Mezze plate, so as some of the ingredients were similar decided to make that as a starting platter followed by the pasta. I’ll post a picture of it here later on. Dessert followed. Instead of being an orange blossom cake, we had apple pastry scrolls? I forget the name exactly, but it was our friends Nan’s recipe. It was delicious. Apples in pastry and covered in syrup then backed before being topped with cream – you can’t really go wrong. Lots of chats were had over dinner before a pretty full on session of backgammon. I really enjoy the game but like to have some fun with it too. Many laughs were had as the night went on.

I don’t think any of us had realised the time so Lisa headed home a little while ago, and I went off to get ready to bed. Beginning to feel tired and keen to sleep it then occurred to me that I had this commitment to make – write out for 15 minutes and post before the day is out. By the time I am finished with this it will be five to midnight. I keep saying this, but I really do want to try and write earlier in the day rather than right before bed. I have a lot of ideas and articles I wish to write about so could work on those, otherwise it will end up as more and more recounts.

I can’t believe I forgot to mention – in the middle of the afternoon I went down to the shop to get ingredients for dinner. I had to say farewells to a couple of friends and workmates as they are off tomorrow and we won’t get the opportunity to see each other before I fly. Sad times. So many wonderful people around here it’s hard when it comes to the moments when you realise you have no idea when you’ll ever see them again. Take care guys!

Times up, I’m keen for sleep.


p.s. the recipes for dinner and starters are:

In: Hay, Australia
From: 11.39pm – 11.56pm

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