Day 9 of #Yes100

Today’s the day! I can’t believe it really. The first of October, the day we fly to the UK. Ever since returning home on March 1 I have been aware I would one day be going back overseas again, and was meant to go on April 19. I decided that that was far too early given the way I was feeling, so changed it to late May. Late May came and went, and I still hadn’t flown. I had to forfeit my ticket in order to look after my health, a decision that I do not regret. I was talking to someone just the other day and felt that had I gone back then, I would probably already have returned home. But in saying that, it’s all hindsight. You never really know what’s infront of you, so you just have to take life as it comes.

Today was an early rise. My alarm was set for 6.15am, however Dad came and knocked on my door at 5.57! I hadn’t got to sleep until late so was a bit slow moving. I got up, showered, got things sorted for my hand luggage and the rest of my big backpack, and then finally we were able to pack the car. We had planned to leave at 7am, although by the time we got to pick up George and make tracks it was about 7.45am.

We headed along the highway chatting about all sorts of things. Many billy buttons were spotted between Mathoura and Echuca, and jokes were had with everynoe saying they couldn’t see the little yellow balls. It took me a few minutes to realise they were all winding me up. We stopped in Echuca for the loo, Heathcote for breakfast, before getting to Alphington to drop George off to see a friend. Mum, Dad and I continued on to North Richmond to pop into a shop and get some final things – really good earbuds and a blow up neck pillow that doesn’t bust. I purchased the same things before my last trip and they all worked really well, until I lost them.

To get from Richmond to Port Melbourne we went along Hoddle St – the place was so quiet especially considering the fact it’s grandfinal day. We saw quite a few revellers making their way around the place, then drove along the esplanade of the bay to meet my brother and his girlfriend in PM for lunch. The place we were headed for was closing, due to low numbers from the final, so we found somewhere else near by. It was great to catch up as usual and chat about old times and new. I have a few photos to send Alex, so hopefully writing it here will remind me to do that at a more convenient time.

We said farewells to the guys before making our way to South Melbourne, where we were meeting Virigina and Paul for the afternoon. We parked in my old spot for PSC and walked over to Southbank, finding them in a place full of AFL supporters. It was pretty loud but we managed, and George came and joined us too. As the afternoon got on the football finished but it was still a bit loud, so we headed to a front table for some fresh air. A helicopter zooming past and some slamming toilet doors, plus the slightly warmer inside before moving was starting to make my chest a bit tight and my mind start to wander. It wasn’t too bad, however was there.

It was lovely to catch up with all through the afternoon, but then we had to make our way to the airport. Quick goodbyes to Mum and Dad was a bit sad however had to happen in order for us to go. We went in, checked in quickly thanks to online check in/bag drop and then made our way through security etc and to the gates. A bit of book browsing on the inside and some water and lolly purchasing, then waiting at the gate and writing this out.

A few times plans have flown by and it just makes my mind wonder for a moment – but I’m at an airport and you expect that so yeah. Called my brother Chaz for a chat before writing this out. Beginning to get very tired though, but it’s okay, for our plane is starting to board and we need to go.

I haven’t completed my French lessons yet, but will do that either on the plane or whilst we are waiting to board.

Best go! You’ve been great Australia. Until next time!!


From: 9.02 – 9.17pm
In: Melbourne, Austraia

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