Day 2 of #Yes100

I’m very tired and thinking that perhaps I will need to change these 15 minute minimum blog entries to more simply – one blog a day.

I’ve just got back from a friends place, where I joined them for after dinner drinks, chats and chocolate ripple cake to celebrate Dave’s birthday. We had all planned to go out for dinner, but plans changed with one feeling under the weather, and my parents tired after helping my brother start to move his stuff out from Albury. I’m also tired, for today was the day of Judi and Troy’s wedding, for which I was their photographer.

It was a beautiful ceremony with their friends and family at what I think is one of the coolest buildings in town, the Old Gaol Building. There is a bit of history and things going on there, but the building block is a bright orange brick with very neatly manicured green gardens. The wedding was going to be held down in one of the river bends but as there is currently a minor flood level attempting to peak it had to be relocated. I’ve got to try and work through the shots this week if I want them sorted before flying out, otherwise they are aware and happy for them to be fixed up after our six weeks of road tripping.

It’s been an interesting day, for the morning I went back to bed about four times – avoiding things to try and keep busy / fall asleep so as to not get stressed taking photographs at the wedding. I’m more into documentary/street/candid shots, where the idea is to shoot for the moment as such, but if it doesn’t happen you have to shrug and say well, next time. It’s totally different with wedding photography though – it’s still all about the moments, but you have to do your best not to miss them. We’ll see how they turn out later.

Throughout the afternoon and tonight too there was a lot of talk about travel. Ins and outs of it, ways to save money, be confident, escape comfort zones, locations, languages etc. I love learning about different cultures and their make ups. I often think that Anthropology would be a great area to study, however I’m not sure what I would do with such a degree, or if I was to study it where I would choose to settle and do that.

I completed over 15 minutes of study today for my French, DuoLingoing on my phone. It’s much easier learning when being immersed and dealing with it everyday, but I guess that’s what I have to look forward to in just over a months time.

I’d love to explore some more avenues tonight, but I’m falling asleep as I write this now and can’t think too well, so shall try more tomorrow. Feeling excited, and just a little nervous, but that’s to be expected. Tomorrow’s plans are to make an orange cake, sort through some photos, send some emails, lunch, and potentially start to actually pack things too.

I was a bit bummed today discovering that I am just a bit below my financial goal that I’ve been working towards. It’s only 2% off, and with next weeks pay and a couple more things to come in I’ll go over it, I had just hoped to surpass that figure by now. I was all geared up and excited to see it when I logged on, but then really did feel quite disheartened to learn the truth. So much so that it made me count out my money box for spare change, which had a lot more gold in it than I realised, so that almost took me over.

Two minutes to go to make the 15 minute mark, infact one now. I’m rambling and just typing out for writings sake. It has made me think a bit about a Workaway for Paris that required you to write an article a day for board or something like that, I didn’t quite understand if it was on anything travel related or more specific, but that could be something to look into more.

Looking forward to a European style chocolate ripple cake for my birthday on November 8. Can’t believe that’s come around so soon, this year has been pretty full on. All I know is that it’s definitely not how I envisaged 25 to be, but I’m not complaining. There’s been lows, some serious – serious lows at that, but there have also been some darn good highs and for that I’m grateful! Who knows what 26 will hold…!


In: Hay, Australia
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The next 100 days…

Today is the 23rd of September, 2016. There are 100 more days left of this year, before we enter into 2017, and I am embarking on something new…

I am committing myself to the a little challenge set by Say Yes More / The Yes Tribe called #Yes100. I saw Dave Cornthwaite share a post yesterday offering an idea – to spend 15 minutes one something everyday for the next 100 days, in order to learn, etc. I can’t remember the exact wording, so perhaps will paste a copy of their post in here later.


I noticed someone comment on the post about learning French, and that they would commit themselves to it. It was one of the first things that popped into my head as well, so I sent a reply and now we both have each other to help be accountable each day. I spent a broken 15 minutes on Memrise just before writing this. I’ve used DuoLingo a bit on my phone, but my younger brother said he preferred M whilst learning German. So who knows, I may keep switching between both. I always think it’s good to learn in different forms.

The 100 days of French should help me out a fair bit, as my friend and I plan on returning their for the first bit of November this year, and if all goes well I”ll be over there for most of the month again…

  • Again being that I spent five weeks in Paris last year from the end of October to the start of December last year.
  • And what I mean by all going well is due to the fact that I have been dealing with Post-Traumatic Stress and anxiety since the attacks in Paris which occurred on Friday 13th November last year. This has shaken me a hell of a lot, but thankfully taking a break from everything back in my hometown and surrounded by family, exposing myself to my fears and working through coping techniques it has been getting easier. I still do not know what it will be like travelling once more, but this is something I won’t know until I get back to the UK and Europe – we leave one week tomorrow!


The past week or so I have been beginning to get excited about the adventure I’m about to embark on, six weeks of which will be with a childhood friend road-tripping England, Scotland and France – then after that I don’t really know. A couple of things are planned, the only solid bit so far having accepted a week of volunteering on a produce farm in the South of France towards the end of November.

I have a lot of things to write about, so many thoughts racing through my head I can’t get them all down, but I shall try over the next wee while. With just three more days of work left, I’m getting excited to finish on Wednesday and be open the world of free and flexible time once more – even though it will be, as always, sad to say see you laters and move on once again. I used to think it got easier each time, and in some ways it does, but in other ways it doesn’t. What I do know is that learning from and exploring the unknown is what I enjoy, and even though I am more cautious now than ever before, it’s what I love, so it’s what I’ll do.

So, here’s to the upcoming challenges and experiences, and of course… to saying yes more!

The adventure awaits! Et c’est magnifique! 🙂


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