The Formulation // Melbourne, Australia

I'm an interviewer of the world, of my world, of the mass - curious to the core and wanting to know more.
I’m an interviewer of the world, of my world, of the mass – curious to the core and wanting to know more.

Sometimes I don’t want to write, I just want to photo, to photograph.
I want to photo for photos sake. I want to photo for images. I want to take and make images for image sake. For art. For more than just a mere swipe or a second standstill.
Sometimes I don’t want to follow the little rules and regulations I have set for my own self in regards to what I do and how I do it. I just want to do it, I just want it done.
But it is these little rules that I have made, that I do occasionally break, that I feel help to create some kind of continuity of my content. I don’t know if anyone else sees it that way, but I know I do.
It’s not always about straight out face-value content; it is at times about what the content is, how it is presented, why it is presented, and all the hidden meanings and messages that can be found when one decides to delve deeper.
I’m an interviewer of the world, of my world, of the mass – curious to the core and wanting to know more. Because of this it is at times hard to pin point what to write or where to even start.
I wasn’t going to write anything for this. For once I was just going to post a post – a title, a location, a hashtag recognition / reference point, and a simple sentence. Instead, the words and the writing still managed to flow from the fingers into form.
It’s not always about the writing, nor is it always about the image…

The Not-So First Time

Hello there – here we go again.

Back in August I started a blog on WordPress, and this was my introductory post.
I wrote a couple of things, then set it up so my Instagram images and caption recounts would post automatically as I moved to Paris and started to travel around Europe again. This time though, things are more real. This is a legit website, I aim to take my writing more seriously, and I have a lot of ideas I want to explore.

Feel free to tag along for the ride, who knows where we may end up… 🙂


Eiffel Seagul


This is not my first time at writing a blog. Yes, it is the first time under this particular page, but I have been writing digital word pieces for years, and well, tomorrow has finally came.

I was nine years old when I got my brother to help me make my first email address, which I still use to this day – no the number does not correlate to the year, that’s a whole other story…

I can’t remember when or where my first ‘blog’ post or writing even was as I’ve been wading through the realms of Hotmail, chat rooms, MSN Spaces, Ringo, Bebo, MySpace, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram and many more – all of which have had chunks of writing attached to them over the past 15 years. Except perhaps Ringo? That was pretty old-school early high school years and I think may have only contained photographs, and comments from “dirty-old Turkish men,” so that didn’t last too long.

Some of the above I discontinued, some became obsolete, some are still there and collecting dust, and others are there as I continue to use them fairly frequently. I can still recall the movement to MySpace from Bebo and having friends say – “Oh my god, no way I’m not using that, it’s too complicated,” followed by the Facebook movement, when it took quite some time for people to move over, change, and consequently get stuck in the mud of social media.

So now, Instagram is my muse, but the caption character count is more often than not proving too small for me – so here we are, where unlimited? word counts and many more of my images can merrily mingle.

A few words about me (for the not so tech-savvy, click the word ‘about’ for a link to what I am referring to).

p.s. I can’t wait to have writings intermingle like over on the fantabulous Brain Pickings, where sentences are full of referring links to articles, information, and other interesting things, both on blog and off.

p.p.s. I like/d to visit the motel when I write/wrote, and just today when setting this up I was excited to find it back online and blasting it’s grooves once more!!

Let the writings begin… oh, and the images. Can’t forget the visual stories now.


Vic 🙂