The White Trees // North of Český Krumlov

The White Trees of Czech Republic
The White Trees of Czech Republic

Somewhere between Prague and Český Krumlov we turned off the highway and wound our way around some back country roads, discovering these beauties.
It was our first day of the road trip and the weather was making driving conditions rather atrocious. Snow and icy patches covered the roads as we left the capital, and even though legal speed limits on the highways are 130km/h, all traffic was creeping at no more than ~40/50.
I can’t remember if it was before our scenic detour or after, I think before, that I saw a vehicle just three or four cars ahead of us slide out on the ice when swapping lanes and smash into the barrier, spinning 270°. Brake!!!
Snow went everywhere. I’ve not seen anything happen so quickly before. The poor woman who was driving was alive as we went by – we could not stop, there was nothing we could do – but the shock in her eyes was something else. All I could hope was the rest of our trip wasn’t going to be like this… it wasn’t.
Nicola and Chaz drove, I was either back passenger or navigator, which allowed for many merry hours enjoying the scenery we passed through, so no complaining. I wasn’t exactly in a state to concentrate on the roads anyway.
We called these the “white trees”. They were simply stunning. We were entering the first major spread of snow of our trip, with absolutely everything turning white. I loved these things, and think back to them fondly.
Czech doesn’t hold the best memories for me, but these trees remind me to recall the beauty and the good bits, that did and do exist there.
Our experiences of certain situations can impair our ability to see things clearly, to see them for what they really are.
Lately I have been seeing and hearing a lot about Europe and its current snow scatterings. I shouldn’t really complain, or be jealous, for this day with the wonderful white trees was just one of many special snow moments we got to experience on the continent. We touched down into snow in Brno, and saw it in every continental country we visited in the New Year, all seven of them.
Winter in Europe sure is a very beautiful time to be there.