The Reality of Reality // Tavira, Portugal

How do you interpret your reality?
How do you interpret your reality?

Life is a combination of thoughts, feelings, senses, experiences and interpretations of our environment which we encounter whilst our hearts our beating in this body like collection of atoms.
Reality is the way we choose to interpret these apparent truths and the way they effect and affect our environment. What we think we know to be true, or simply, which we choose to be true.
Reality, is what we allow it to be, what you choose to be real.
It is then in that moment of time, when dreams meet reality, that you know that you are doing things right, living life the way you should be, living the life you want.
You almost have to pinch yourself, to check that you are awake, that this is really happening. But even if you did, it would not matter, for it would not wake you up and stop you from dreaming.
You are awake, you are alive. You are, infact, living amidst what you have made. Your reality is a dream.
If you experience nightmares, work on changing it. Otherwise, enjoy.
** It can be a fine line between the two, and they can, and do, co-exist. ** Remember, reality is not set in stone. It is our interpretation of the surroundings in which that stone exists. How do you interpret your reality?

Magic // Melbourne

The magical feeling of friends and famliariry felt in Melbourne, Australia
The magical feeling of friends and famliariry felt in Melbourne, Australia

Magic is a concept of beautiful illusion designed to intrigue, entertain and enthuse an audience.
Last night I met up with a great selection of mates for a picnic in the gardens by the river to enjoy the day as it came to an end, the sun casting it’s last light over the city skyline.
It’s a delight to be able to sit back, relax, laugh and enjoy with people whom I have not see for four months or more, yet for everything to also feel so natural, so normal.
It was a beautiful evening in a superb city with a solid selection of the sweetest souls, all whom are curious about life and all its little lovelies.
A few weeks ago I wasn’t sure how I would go flying home, or being in a city again too, but all was good and it was nice to know I had such a night to look forward to upon my return.
Happy to say that as I revelled in the magic of the moment, it did at times felt a bit like a dream. Surreal is the fact that I am back down under once more, I had to keep reminding myself it was indeed real – I was there, my friends were there, and I wasn’t about to wake up.
Life is beautiful, life is magical, and it can feel like a most desirable dream if you allow it to. The illusive and illusory quality of such a thing comes from the idea of how much time we get to spend with these precious moments, along with our desire to understand and interpret what’s going on. Our time may be limited, but I would rather that then none at all.
Thanks to all who made it along, those who couldn’t, and to all whom didn’t as well – thank you for the special times shared not only last night, but in the many moments prior to now that have combined to be the collection of memories I get to call my life.
** Intrigued and entertained always, life sure is lovely!