Eat, Sleep, Photo // Melbourne, Australia

Eat Sleep Photo
Eat Sleep Photo – an enjoyable day in Melbourne filled with food, photography and people watching

I slept. It took me a while to get to sleep last night, but when I did it was through until 9am, my longest since Saturday!
Little bro got back around the same time I got up so we chilled for a bit, watched some disgusting mega food show where I couldn’t work out if I felt hungry, or should vomit, then I headed into the city.
Going in on the train I put the headphones in and tunes up. I don’t normally go about with them in, but today I felt like it.
Walking all around the place I took my normal lane and arcade routes, then wiggled through some alternate areas and a couple of lanes towards the West where I don’t remember being before. I walked, talked, people watched, helped numerous lost tourists with directions, replaced my scratched non-scratchable lens filter, and also hunted down my favourite coffee and food in the city.
Whilst moving about I got pangs of inspiration about a few things, so hurriedly scribbled down notes so not to forget.
I continued to walk around and treat Melbourne a bit like I was a tourist, surprising myself on a few occasions by looking at things from new vantage points.
I went into The Little Library at Melbourne Central, finding a book to read, then realised how tired I was. I continued on, stopping to sit at a bench on the walkway to Emporium. I may have had a horizontal rest and accidentally fell asleep for almost an hour. The jetlag keeps hitting me hard late in the afternoon, I didn’t even know that I had.
Waking up I needed to be on my way, destined for a photography exhibition opening. I’ve never felt quite like I did when I woke though. Headachy, slightly delirious, and rather out of it, my vision kept blurring too. I stopped for some water which helped a touch, but I must have looked strange to others passing by.
The exhibition is at Magnet Galleries (@magnetorgau) on Bourke St near Southern Cross. It’s about Women At Work, taken by 15 or so women photographers, and held on International Women’s Day. Go check the place out, so much photography greatness going on there! 🙂
Afterwards I looped back to Flinders via Southbank before a train and 3km walk home. Now, sleep.