Home // Hay, Australia

Be it by blood, or by bond; family is a feeling of closeness.
Be it by blood, or by bond; family is a feeling of closeness.

People keep asking me if I like being home. Well, what do you think my answer is?
Of course being back out in a small town on the Plains in Australia is very different to travelling around the opposite side of the world in culturally rich and diverse Europe, but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the creature comforts of home too. Home being our family home, being Hay, and Australia as well.
To be close to my parents, brothers, family and friends is something I treasure, even more now then before.
Whilst away I became aware of how important a role the special people in your life play, and well, what they mean to me. This dawned on me a lot after the attacks.
I have gone away so many times now that I believe I have acquired a skill that makes it easier to be apart. I don’t forget people, but I often become so present to the situations I am surrounded by that I almost forget to miss them. It is not that I don’t miss my favourite people, places, faces and other fun times, but if I were to dwell on things that, like I have before, it makes life harder then it needs to be.
This time there were times when I did find there to be difficulties in being so far separated from my family, friends and familiarities though – in a physical sense yes, but more so in the mental sense. It was then that I really felt so very far away.
My family and friends mean the world to me. Their bubbles of love, kindness, commitment, support, encouragement, care and concern helped and helps me feel whole again, feel myself again.
Family is a special thing, and has a different meaning to different people. Be it by blood, or by bond; family is a feeling of closeness.
So, how could I say I don’t enjoy being home again? …especially when I get to share home cooked meals like this with the two I hold closest to my heart!! ** For me to post a phone picture of food from above, it must be a pretty special thing!! 😉 peace