Straya Sunshine // The Road Home

Sunny bus ride North from Melbourne to Deniliquin
Sunny bus ride North from Melbourne to Deniliquin

Half way through the four hour bus ride part of my journey home I can’t believe I have had goosebumps for most of the way. Choosing a seat on the left side of the bus as we headed North I thought I would have been pummelled by sun from the West, but it’s yet to happen. I am in the shade but still getting the full brunt of the aircon that I am sure these ladies in the sun are grateful for. So as a result I keep slinking up to the glass on my side which is radiating the heat from the 40° day outside.
I can’t help but sit here and reflect upon all the bus journeys we did in Europe, the seemingly furthest away from here being the -18° trip from the Black Forest in Germany to Paris. Everything was crisp white in snow, trees included, and most of the locals didn’t seem all to bothered by the beautiful views passing us by. Here is pretty much the same, except everything is cast with the burnt off yellow from the summer sun.
My eyes are still getting used to seeing so much green. I had got used to the juicy green grass, but here instead of the grass it’s the trees, pastures and occasional crops where the colour is.
Less than half an hour from the NSW border now, from which point I have another hour on the bus, then a touch over an hour in the car before I reach home, and a cool 42°!
Looking at the forecast earlier, the lowest maximum for the week is set to be 37°, and the highest low 24°. Considering the warmest I felt in Europe was early 20s in Spain, I’m surprised how well I am dealing with the heat, so far anyway.
Finally the sun is hitting my side of the bus… time to get my tan on!! 🙂