Day 10 of #Yes100

I didn’t write today, but I have a pretty good reason for it which I will care to explain in more depth at yet another time.

But in short – it’s because I was busy flying to the other side of the world!

I’m in England now with my friend Georgina. We flew out of Melbourne at 10pm on Saturday, October 1 and arrived into London at 2pm Sunday, October 2 – which would be the equivalent of midnight Sunday in Australia.

I was far too tired to write by the time we made it back to Stokesby yesterday, so I am attempting to write somewhat of a recount of yesterday now, on Monday night, before writing for one today too. I hadn’t planned to not write, but after arriving back here to my English home of my Grandma’s by 5.30pm, and having conversations, catch-ups, dinner and dessert I was pretty beat and keen for bed. I think we went to bed around 8.30pm?

I had slept around 5 hours on the first part of the flight. We were going from Melbourne to Doha in Qatar, a flight of 14 or so hours. We’d got on the plane, got settled a little and as much as I’d have liked to go to sleep soon after I could smell the stinky plane food and realised we were still getting dinner served to us, so figured best to wait until after that had been served. It’s a pain falling asleep with the chair back only to be woken up by the stewardess to pull it forward so the person behind can eat their food. Yes it makes it easier for them, but if you’ve managed to fall asleep on a plane, I’d much rather be able to stay asleep.

Before sleeping I’d had a quick browse through the movie menu and made a bit of a playlist up of things I’d be interested in watching. There were four or five French movies amidst the mix, because I hadn’t practiced my French before take off for the 15 minutes – I’d done just one lesson – but I figured that watching the French films with English subtitles was a good and alternate way for me to learn. Interesting watching and when you turn away, with the headphones on of course, and you catch a glimpse of what was being said but then get lost so have to watch again to work it out.

I think I watched 3 or 4 more movies after my sleep. I tried dozing off a couple of times again but it didn’t happen. I watched a really fascinating documentary about a Mexican kayaker who had planned to drop off Niagara Falls. Really well produced and a good story line / point made in it too. Worth watching if you get the chance. The only other film that wasn’t French was some American thing set out in the wilderness. I thought it was okay to begin but just turned a bit strange so I fast forwarded to get to the end quicker.

We landed in Doha whilst it was basically still dark. The sun was only just starting to light things up, and it was a cool 27 degrees outside. We had a couple of hours in the new airport there so went walking all around the shops and different areas and gates before making our way to our own. It’s a superb architectural building. I always love flying through the Middle East and seeing the way their culture is reflected in the buildings and surrounds, but also because the make-up of people there is so different as well, particularly if compared to Asia. I like trying to guess where people may be from due to their dress and things like that. Highly recommend it. Also they are cheap and have great timing for the flights, in my opinion anyway. You get to leave at night, kill a few hours then sleep when you would be in Aus, then wake, eat, be awake for the ‘day’ as such, before jumping on the next leg where you may be awake for a bit at first, then try and sleep some before getting off in the middle of the day in London, so that you don’t have as long to be awake for before night falls and you should be sleeping there anyway. Basically I find it helps you to adjust more.

I was feeling pretty good in Doha. I’d been a bit nervy and sad at Melbourne, and couldn’t help but constantly feel  like it was a dream and not real. The flight was smooth, on both legs, but a few little times I just had to talk to myself a touch to see things straight. As I was saying Doha then felt really good and wasn’t bothering me at all. The second leg went by and when we got to Heathrow things were on my mind a bit more. For the second flight I’d only got an hour or so of sleep, and apart from that watched another French movie, a doco on the clock tower of Mecca, something else I can’t remember and then a bunch of docos on the Silk Road by David >>>>>>/ – it was a fascinating watch, and what made it cool was that for part 2 and 4 of the journey where he was and what we was talking about was basically directly beneath where we were flying at the time. Pretty mad. Want to learn more about it all, and by the way, Georgia looks stunning!

I’d had to split from George after getting off the plane as she was headed for Other passports and I had to go for the UK/Europe line. We said we’d meet at carousel 2 for our luggage, but I couldn’t see George when I arrived. I had gone through really quickly, and I saw the line was longer for the other section, but I didn’t expect it to take as long as it did. The bags took a fair time to come out. I got mine first, then saw George’s so grabbed that and waited to the side. I was hoping that she hadn’t been caught up arriving on a single ticket or anything like that. She came out not that much longer than her bags, and we made our way for the exit.

Viv spotted us on our way out of departures. We caught up on the way back, stopped at some services for lunch and then just continued to chat all our way home. Super grateful for the airport pick up, still all felt surreal.

From: 8.39 – 9.00pm (a day late)
In: Stokesby, UK

Day 8 of #Yes100

We’re here. It’s the penultimate day in Australia once again, and I right now can barely keep my eyes open. I’ve been slowly working through my list of jobs since this morning, with a little bit of procrastination thrown in too.

The morning mostly consisted of sorting out some washing, waiting for that to dry, coffee, some computer based jobs and waiting longer for things to dry. The weather was looking quite precarious so I decided not to hang anything outside but instead set it all up by the heater.

In the middle of the day I joined Dad for a quick run out to the farm, what’s normally a 15 minute or so trip was almost half an hour. There is just so much water around at the moment that the road from the bitumen was just so slippery we had to take it all quite slow. The idea was to go out and start a pump to help reduce how much water was around in the channels, however when we got there in the end and Dad jumped out to sort it, he soon decided there wasn’t actually as much as he had expected and there was no need for the pump. This was quite good news, as it sounded like it would mean he could join us tomorrow in going to Melbourne and heading for the airport.

We slid around to get back to the road, with the dogs out of the back of the ute and running around like mad. It was great to see both Archie and Buddy having  so much fun. Archie would run through all the puddles, jumping around and racing from side to side of the road, his tail often flicking water up from the puddles as he went through them. Bud on the other hand was more keen to run in straight lines and wander about in the bushes, getting stuck on the wrong side of a fence at one point before being rescued and coming to join us on the road side again. It was nice to get out and see the Plains for one last time too. Everywhere is so lush right now. The greenness has started to fade as when it’s not raining the weather has been starting to warm up. Still quite a sight – especially when there are many different varieties of wildflowers about too.

I had a little chat to my brother Chaz on the way in. Today was his last day of work after almost 10 years. He moves to England for a career and life change in just over a week, which I have to say is just awesome! So happy for him making the move and giving a whole new chapter a go. Really intrigued to see what happens there. Whilst we were driving around on the phone we also had a look at some of the flood levels. All the river roads are shut off as the water is now at 8m, however it still has quite a way to go before hitting the 2012 level. This may well happen if the rain keeps up!

I got Dad to drop me off at Foodworks so I could buy some milk, but more so to say goodbyes to my co-workers. It’s going to be a bit sad not getting to go in and have fun with them everyday, and they seemed to feel the same way too. My little six week stint lasted 7 months in the end, and I am super grateful for that opportunity. I saw almost all of the peeps, and then on the short way home bumped into two more who were just starting, and had another drive past just as I was getting to our place. Joys of a small town knowing everybody.

I spent the afternoon sorting things a little more, lunch and a couple of games of backgammon, however whilst playing I couldn’t help but think I really needed to go and start packing. It was around 4.45 when I started to lay things out on my bed in order to see what was there and what I wanted. I had written a list out earlier in the day and had everything except one little black cardi thing.

Our neighbours came around for a farewell drink a bit after 5, so I took a break to join them, talk and laugh. Many fun times had over morning coffees and I’m sure many more at other points in time too.

I got back to the sorting of clothes etc., before going out for dinner with my parents, as well as the family of my friend whom I am travelling with for the six months. Great to see all the Lowies and spend time with everyone, excitement was starting to fill the air. We were talking of a BBQ earlier in the week, however after hearing that one of the local pubs had been broken into, again, this time having an entire safe stolen and tens of thousands of dollars and donation money, we decided we would like to go and have dinner there to support them.

It wasn’t an overly late night as for most of us we have an early morning to head to Melbourne. When we got back I went to pack my things which I had put into a washing basket prior to dinner. They didn’t look like they were all going to fit, however they did with a fair bit of extra space. I put my backpack onto the scales and was quite suprised to see it only come to 8.9kg. I had left some things out that seemed like duplicates, but decided as I had spare space and plenty of room – my allowance is up to 30kg – that I would put in the extra bits and pieces as I can always leave some stuff at my Grandma’s in England, where we will be in just over 48 or so hours. I can’t seem to find my ugg boots, but had thought they might just fit in the bag – what a serious luxury that would be.

Extremely tired now, and once I finished sorting that. I tried to tidy up some things in the living room before taking myself to bed to sleep, but not before writing this. I think tonight of all nights I have wanted to the least. Not because I don’t enjoy it, but because I could barely keep my eyes open.

I’ll have to work something out tomorrow as I’ll need to write and post before taking off tomorrow night, and then as we reach my Grandma’s Sunday night I’ll have to write and post again there to try and not miss a day.

Sleep now, up in about 7 hours to get sorted and make our way to Melbs.  Keen!

Ah, and I completed my French this morning. I only just made 15 minutes as I was tired having just woken up, but I knew I’d need to get it done early rather than leaving it until late again.


From: 11.04pm – 11.25pm
In: Hay, Australia

Day 7 of #Yes100

It’s been a week now, this is day seven of the 100 Yes Days. Every day so far I have said I would not write late at night when I take myself to bed, but every night it happens that way. It makes sense really though, as I am busy through the days getting sorted for our trip and up until today working as well.

Today I woke up early, not sure why actually – it was gone midnight when I went to sleep and woke around 7, unable to fall back to sleep. I had a list of things to do today so got up, had breakfast and started to do things.

We had sausages for breakfast. I don’t normally have cooked breakfasts, maybe once every couple of weeks, and it never used to be that much. Dad was cooking though so I said sure, I’ll have one too. Mum came down to join us and reminded me that in a couple of days I’ll be able to have some delicious Acle sausages at Grandma’s. That thought hadn’t even crossed my mind. It was VegFeb when I left, and I can’t remember if we had any in the few days of January that were left when I had arrived there, so I may not have had any since last December. Looking forward to it.

I set about my day crossing off jobs in order of how I wrote them. I had a 10am appointment, which turned out to be 10.30/45 instead. So I headed down the street to pick up some extra camera batteries I had been recommended to purchase from BetterBatt, and also my freshly dry-cleaned jacket. It’s needed a pretty good clean for some time now, so hopefully that helps for this third winter I am headed for.

I went for my appointment next door to get some things sorted before flying out, and in the process was shown the hometown of our business neighbour’s father in Italy. Altomonte looks superb. She said that if I wanted to head that way to let her know and she may be able to find some cousins etc who would have me to stay. Said I’d be happy to work for my keep type thing, so who knows if that may happen. Being in Southern Italy it may be a good option for the colder months – it won’t be super sunny, but surely will be warmer than other parts of Europe.

I am sure there were a couple of other things in there that I did but I can’t really remember now. I spent a fair amount of time trying to look through worldwide medical insurance offered by Bupa, but then came to realise I would also need travel insurance to cover my phone/camera/laptop etc., not just health. Quite a few phone calls and reading through policy information, I think I am going to go with WorldNomads. They look to be the cheapest – around $540 for 5 months worth, with the option to extend and it doesn’t matter which countries I go to. So that sounds pretty reasonable. I can’t see that much of a difference between it and the Bupa one apart from $130 or so, where as Covermore who I go with are really expensive – especially when I try add in the Moroccan component. I’ll book that in the morning, before getting on to sorting out clothes, car, finalising a digital product and a few other things too.

I was pretty exhausted by mid afternoon. I don’t think this crazy windy/wet weather helps, and I could barely keep myself awake. I took myself to bed somewhere around 3/3.30 and fell asleep. It was gone 6.30 before I woke, and felt like I could have kept sleeping through the night. I’m not sure of the last time I had an afternoon nap, but I didn’t feel like doing anything else but just that. Woke up to find Dad’s chicken casserole was almost ready. Dinner was delicious, throwing some vegetables, drumsticks, stock, lemons, mushrooms and parsley into a slow cooker for a few hours is a sure way for tasty goodness. When I sat down I noticed there was extra cutlery, but didn’t think anymore of it until it was mentioned there was dessert. Crepes had been made, as well as a raspberry mix of cream, raspberries, banana, chocolate and I think something I have missed? Served up with ice cream and strawberries on the side it was a great end for my final dinner at home.

Tomorrow is the last dinner in Hay, but I am headed out for it with my parents, my friend George who I’m travelling with and the rest of her family too. Looking forward to it. It also means I have to have everything sorted by 7.15pm! Best get to sleep so I can wake and finish things off tomorrow.

I am yet to do my French today. I didn’t feel like it waking up tired this morning, and had meant to complete it through the afternoon but hadn’t exactly realised I’d be asleep for most of it. Best complete that now before I fall asleep.

We watched The Da Vinci Code after dinner which had French without subtitles. It was fun trying to work out what they were saying, picking up words here and there. I had forgotten it was set in Paris. I knew it finished there with Le Louvre, but forgot a lot was filmed around the place. Always nice to see the old city – look forward to seeing it again soon!

By the way, I don’t read through any of these posts, just write them out and post. So no idea how they actually read back through as a whole. I just do a little spell-check and that’s it.


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In: Hay, Australia

Day 6 of #Yes100

It’s thunder. I know it’s thunder, I’ve been told a storm is coming, it sounds like thunder, I know it’s thunder – but my mind is trying to make me think otherwise.

I know my PTS and anxieties have been coming back a little bit this week. Emotions moving, checking the news a bit more frequently / aware that I am, certain thoughts playing around in my head etc.

Tonight there is a really big low system coming through which has been forecast for a few days now to bring winds, rain, thunder and lightning. It’s the kind of thunder that rattles across the sky from one side to the next, and it started just over 15 minutes ago. I heard it rumbling in the distance whilst I was in the shower, and I could feel my head noticing it and trying to play funny buggers. It’s a loud sort of rumble that I used to train? myself to look out for. Train isn’t a good word, but it’s what was happening and I couldn’t control it. It’s been getting closer since the shower, and I just saw the first lot of lightning. Within 10 seconds the thunder started, which I can’t remember the formula for but I think means it’s about 3-4kms away? The rain is beginning to fall heavier, just as I write this sentence it is starting to pound harder. Hail is meant to come with it. This system has already put South Australia out of power – a whole Australian state!

I’ve just turned my light off, and unplugged my computer before writing. I think I should unplug my phone too, just in case. Here comes the rain. It’s falling hard. It would be saturating if you were out in it. I’m wondering where my camera is. Another lot of lighting. It sounds more like a storm now, seeing as there is rain etc to go with it. This thunder though, it’s shook my window a couple of times. It’s not suprising it makes me question. My psychologist in Australia said that I will be hyper-vigiliant to things now, so it’s to be expected I suppose. With the change of stability and cirucmstances coming up I’m not really that shocked that I’m feeling a few different things.

This morning though, I was so excited. I was smiling so hard I could feel it all the way through my body. It hit me just before and on the way to work (about a 3 minute walk) that today was my last day. I would not have to put my uniform on again, or walk to the supermarket to a timeframe. All throughout the morning I was feeling pretty chuffed, fully aware that everything I was doing was the last time I would have to do it. It’s quite a surreal feeling really. I have left this place a few times now, but each time I don’t plan on coming back. The employers are great for they have had me back each time I have asked, and I have really appreciated it. This time I was only meant to be back in Australia for seven weeks, and had said that I could work for six. The first week it was over 40C and a heat wave, so having come from a European winter I was hiding inside in the airconditioning. That six weeks though, well I ended up working for seven months.

I didn’t plan this, I planned to fly back to the UK on April 19. I had bought a return ticket from over there and that was it. Well I soon changed that flight to late May, as I did not feel ready to return in April. May came and that too felt too soon, so I had to wave goodbye to 500 odd dollars as my ticket could not be extended any further. Then there were plans to work in the French Pyrenees for September basically. It would have started late August and gone for four weeks, building stone walls high above the world. I decided that wasn’t such a great idea in the end, and had to cancel it as well.

This time though, I am due to leave the country with a childhood friend of mine. It feels different knowing there will be someone to go with, and who understands my situation too. I have back up plans incase they are needed, but really I won’t know until I go, until we get there.

This isn’t what I planned to write about tonight though, and my fifteen minutes is already up.

I was going to write about today, what I did, going to work and completing my last day, farewelling friends, customers and colleagues etc. I basically did every job you could do – clean, cook chickens, take them off, clean machine, ends, fill, necks, frames, dates, meat ends, clean, close, etc. Once I finished work Maddi did a little song and dance, whilst I tried to video it. It was pretty great, but I don’t think anything will exceed what she and Lachi did yesterday. I was at the top of the stairs looking over the workplace having signed out for the end of the day and they both broke in to song and dance, clapping and I was clicking. It was like a musical all for me, and it was fabulous. Tonight’s little encore will have to suffice. After work finished and dinner / chats I went around to a friends. Margie and I spoke of travels, photography, post-exhibition things, Scotland, photography, and more. She thanked me for what I had done with the camera club and the help I had offered, for which I said I did not need anything, but was given a new memory card which was very nice of her. Having heard the story about how she and Chris lost 9 rolls of film from their travel in Scotland in 1989, I proclaimed that the new card was for Scotland – and that in this time in one week when we are travelling there, and whatever we find ourselves doing there, I shall photograph on that card  as a way to acknowledge what had happened.

I’m a bit calmer now with the thunder. I’m not actually sure of the last time I saw or heard a really good thunderstorm. There haven’t been all that many really, just lots and lots of rain. Which is why the river is currently flooding, something which I hope to photograph tomorrow or the next day. I’ve got a bit of a list of jobs to do tomorrow, as I now have just two days to get myself organised and packed to travel to the other side of the world. We head to Melbourne Saturday morning and fly out that night, can’t believe it’s finally here!

I continue to do my 15 minutes of French in the morning before I get up, and it’s going well. Did a quick redo of this mornings pronouns tonight before coming to bed and was happy to make only one mistake.

Life is basically all unknowns really. And that’s where the fun lies… looking forward to it.

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In: Hay, Australia

Day 5 of #Yes100

What an interesting day, well mostly morning anyway!

An alarm was required to make sure I was awake at 8am to get ready to leave by 9. I don’t need that much time, but I know I don’t like to get up straight away so it’s best to play it safe. I woke up at 7.59am and watched my alarm switch on just a moment later.

I was off to Deniliquin for a dental appointment, as well as to catch up with a friend beforehand. I had asked Mum if she wanted to join, so when we were both ready for 9am we went to make our way. To work out whose car we took – mine little runabout or Mum’s main car, we flipped a coin. First was heads – mine, but I did best of three and her came out on top. We journey South along the highway for about 15 before swooshhh – we passed a truck on the highway then heard a crashy type noise – I looked behind to see a rear red light go flying as we slowed to a stop. Mum jumped out to see what exactly had happened, only to discover the back panels had blown apart and the light was missing. We went back to pick it up, try and push everything back into place and attempt to drive again. It popped out again within about a minute, so we stopped and wondered just what we were going to do. We were 20kms into a 120km drive, and we could barely move a few hundred metres without it being an issue. Mum found some band aids in her handbag, so we figured well, this is the best we’ve got – we need to try and bandage it back together and see if it holds. Amazingly it did! I didn’t expect it to. We got back to Hay, swapped vehicles and then headed off in mine. Half an hour later meant unfortunately there wasn’t much time between me arriving and having to race off, but Mum was able to stay and chat whilst I went off to my appointment.


There was a bit of a wait upon arrival, but I didn’t mind as I found an interesting little Reader’s Digest to have a browse through, mentioning something about mindful meditation – and many other things. It was an interesting read with some good points to be made. As the trip draws closer I’m beginning to feel more emotions again – excitement, elation, nervousness, a bit sad and some anxiety trying to creep in too. Mixed emotions is totally normal before a big trip. It is your brain trying to make sense of what is about to happen and the changes that are going to occur in your days. I keep telling myself this, for I have felt these things before, but at the same time trying to control the little bit of anxiety I can feel too – which I had been expecting. I’m really keen for the trip, I just think that getting there is a big step.

Anyway, whilst reading the digest as I waited for my appointment I was delighted to learn you could submit articles and be paid. I thought this was a great idea and have made sure I remembered to bookmark it for later. My phone had died when we got to Deni – barely 2.5 hours off the charge and about 30 minutes of use, yet it was dead, only showing a sign to plug it into a charger. Pleased to know my memory worked and I remembered RD for another day.

The appointment was good and didn’t take very long once in there. We were soon on the road once more and heading back to Hay so I could get to work. It wasn’t the busiest afternoon but I had a few jobs to do so was busy with that the whole while. I saw some people who I wasn’t sure I’d see again, so made sure to say farewells and goodlucks until we meet again. It’s beginning to feel real when these things are said. Not only that it was my second last day of work, only one more now. There are cetrain jobs I won’t have to do again, which still seems crazy to consider. I could try and do figures to work out how many times I have done them since being back home and working again for the past seven months, but I think I’ll leave it.

I completed my French this morning between waking and getting up for a shower. My brain seemed a bit slow but we were getting there, however I was glad when the fifteen minutes were up. I had a very brief look tonight at CommeUneFrancais. I will look at it more later when I have some extra time (I need to get to sleep), but had a memory when I saw from high school when I signed up to Learn French through I never really liked that site and barely looked at any of the emails, but by the end of high school I had thousands of them in my inbox. Learning French has always been something I’ve wanted to do, great to see it’s finally happened a bit more concrete than unread emails!

I can’t believe tomorrow is my final day of work!!!! Shall miss the fun times, but it does make me quite excited!! 🙂


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In: Hay, Australia

Day 4 of #Yes100

It’s my last Monday for the mean time, and I didn’t really know how to feel today.

I woke up earlier than desired, still in the hour of seven. I stayed in bed for a while though, again, I seem to like resting lately. But I wasn’t doing nothing, I completed my French practice for the day, going for the 15 minutes it ended up almost half an hour. It was good, and I was really enjoying it. The bits and pieces are slowly starting to work together, and I am now up to date with my learning from when I stopped using the app back in January or so. Imagine where I’d be now if I’d kept it up? Regardless – Je apprends francais, et j’aime.

I can’t really remember too much of the morning? I was working my way through some images from the recent Making Hay weekend here in my hometown to send off in case any want to be used. Mostly documentation of the weekend and the photographers involved, but also some other images that I quite liked as well.

When Mum came down and said good morning she made the point of not knowing how many more times she’ll be able to say that / and it works both ways, I was also beginning to wonder how many more times will I get to be greeted in the morning, and all throughout the day by my parents.

We had our neighbour join us for a funny coffee morning, calling him up to come over to take a picture with him and the cop car parked beside his house. Funny times and some top photos came about, before getting back to the photos and working on them up until racing to get ready for and to work on time. Can’t be late this close to the end.

Work was a bit slow today, but it is school holidays and that often seems to be the case. Early in the afternoon I started to feel strange for some reason. I felt like my excitement for this upcoming trip/adventure was turning to nerves, and it was almost making me feel sick. I worked on some breathing techniques to calm myself a bit and then also rationalising as well. Not too sure where that came from, but I wasn’t expecting it. It wasn’t overbearing, but it wasn’t how I thought my afternoon would go.

This evening was a bit slow and tired. Came home and chatted, had dinner and then had a phone call from an old friend of mine which was fab. Always good to have a chat with Zo and recall fond memories from this year and many before.

I was headed for an early night an writing session, but then found myself looking up all sorts of things, practiing reading, writing and intrepreting French with a fellow #Yes100er Sophie. We don’t actually know each other, but she mentioned French on the #Yes100 post and we decided it would be good to hold each other accountable. I think I mentioned this in the first post. But regardless, it was fun to chat and work with the bits of French we know. Interesting how some pieces come back and others don’t, but I also love trying to work out the gist of a sentence even if it’s not all known.

As well as that I was also having a bit of a chat with an old photography classmate of mine who is following his dream and rocking it! I was eager to find some information out about what he does for websites, as I really think I should make myself a website for my photography. I tried last year but was busy and got sidetracked, so it all fell through and never eventuated. Tomorrow we plan to talk more and see what happens.

Also tomorrow I have a dentist appointment a groovy 120kms away, so it’s a ~2.25 hour round trip for that, so I’ve lined up a coffee date before hand with an old friend and Mum is coming along to join us too. Once the appointment is over though we’re headed home as I’m due at work upon arrival back to town, for what I can’t believe will be my penultimate day! Wowser. I had been wondering about working Thursday, but with the slight increase in emotions I am thinking a couple of days break will be more beneficial then an extra days dollars. I’ll just have to make up for it another time.

Until then…


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Day 3 of #Yes100

I want to stop writing these at night time. It seems like a sensible thing to do, to finish off the day by recollecting on what has occurred within it, but when I’m tired and eager to sleep after being busy doing things it’s almost the last thing I want to do.

Today started off a bit earlier than planned, but I stayed in bed for a while just relaxing and enjoying a day without work of any sorts. I spent a while working on my French, still struggling to remember the names of animals, but I kept at it and might even have one more retry before I go to sleep. After completing my 15 minutes minimum I decided to load up German and have a quick go there as well. I hadn’t practiced any German properly before, only picking up bits and pieces from life and my friend whom can now converse in the language. Nicola spent a few weeks DuoLingoing before spending a month or so on a horse farm in Northern Germany, where she picked up a heap more. I still recall being super impressed when we met again in Portugal (we both left Australia on the same day, travelled down to Melbourne together etc., but she went to Germany whilst I was in Paris). Anyway, we were walking around up the top of an area of Porto when we came across a couple of German guys and she just busted out into conversation with them. Now yah, das est kewl. 😉

I got up eventually and started to download photos from yesterdays wedding onto my computer. I need to update things so unfortunately I have to go through a lengthy conversion process before I can touch them, so I set that to do it’s thing in the background and for some reason ended up on LinkedIn. I hardly ever go on there, perhaps I was procrastinating, not sure, but I decided to go through and update a bunch of stuff on there. It needed doing and will help when I redo my own resume as well, so it wasn’t a waste of time. I felt like I was nervous to see how the images came out, so spent a lot more time just fiddling about on the computer, looking up fares and car hire for England and France and just simply amused myself before finally looking at them. I can be pretty hard on myself and at first was still unsure, but going through them with a second eye (thanks Mum) helped me to see them differently, and appreciate what was there. I still don’t think wedding photography is for me, but I hope that the happy couple will be happy with the results once they are all fixed up etc.

Later on in the afternoon we suggested to a friend that if she made dessert (great cook) then I’d do dinner. Plans were made and I had no clue what to do.  A little looking around found a recipe for Mediterranean Tagliatelle, and it turned out to be delicious! Amidst looking for recipes I also found one for a pretty sweet looking Mezze plate, so as some of the ingredients were similar decided to make that as a starting platter followed by the pasta. I’ll post a picture of it here later on. Dessert followed. Instead of being an orange blossom cake, we had apple pastry scrolls? I forget the name exactly, but it was our friends Nan’s recipe. It was delicious. Apples in pastry and covered in syrup then backed before being topped with cream – you can’t really go wrong. Lots of chats were had over dinner before a pretty full on session of backgammon. I really enjoy the game but like to have some fun with it too. Many laughs were had as the night went on.

I don’t think any of us had realised the time so Lisa headed home a little while ago, and I went off to get ready to bed. Beginning to feel tired and keen to sleep it then occurred to me that I had this commitment to make – write out for 15 minutes and post before the day is out. By the time I am finished with this it will be five to midnight. I keep saying this, but I really do want to try and write earlier in the day rather than right before bed. I have a lot of ideas and articles I wish to write about so could work on those, otherwise it will end up as more and more recounts.

I can’t believe I forgot to mention – in the middle of the afternoon I went down to the shop to get ingredients for dinner. I had to say farewells to a couple of friends and workmates as they are off tomorrow and we won’t get the opportunity to see each other before I fly. Sad times. So many wonderful people around here it’s hard when it comes to the moments when you realise you have no idea when you’ll ever see them again. Take care guys!

Times up, I’m keen for sleep.


p.s. the recipes for dinner and starters are:

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Day 2 of #Yes100

I’m very tired and thinking that perhaps I will need to change these 15 minute minimum blog entries to more simply – one blog a day.

I’ve just got back from a friends place, where I joined them for after dinner drinks, chats and chocolate ripple cake to celebrate Dave’s birthday. We had all planned to go out for dinner, but plans changed with one feeling under the weather, and my parents tired after helping my brother start to move his stuff out from Albury. I’m also tired, for today was the day of Judi and Troy’s wedding, for which I was their photographer.

It was a beautiful ceremony with their friends and family at what I think is one of the coolest buildings in town, the Old Gaol Building. There is a bit of history and things going on there, but the building block is a bright orange brick with very neatly manicured green gardens. The wedding was going to be held down in one of the river bends but as there is currently a minor flood level attempting to peak it had to be relocated. I’ve got to try and work through the shots this week if I want them sorted before flying out, otherwise they are aware and happy for them to be fixed up after our six weeks of road tripping.

It’s been an interesting day, for the morning I went back to bed about four times – avoiding things to try and keep busy / fall asleep so as to not get stressed taking photographs at the wedding. I’m more into documentary/street/candid shots, where the idea is to shoot for the moment as such, but if it doesn’t happen you have to shrug and say well, next time. It’s totally different with wedding photography though – it’s still all about the moments, but you have to do your best not to miss them. We’ll see how they turn out later.

Throughout the afternoon and tonight too there was a lot of talk about travel. Ins and outs of it, ways to save money, be confident, escape comfort zones, locations, languages etc. I love learning about different cultures and their make ups. I often think that Anthropology would be a great area to study, however I’m not sure what I would do with such a degree, or if I was to study it where I would choose to settle and do that.

I completed over 15 minutes of study today for my French, DuoLingoing on my phone. It’s much easier learning when being immersed and dealing with it everyday, but I guess that’s what I have to look forward to in just over a months time.

I’d love to explore some more avenues tonight, but I’m falling asleep as I write this now and can’t think too well, so shall try more tomorrow. Feeling excited, and just a little nervous, but that’s to be expected. Tomorrow’s plans are to make an orange cake, sort through some photos, send some emails, lunch, and potentially start to actually pack things too.

I was a bit bummed today discovering that I am just a bit below my financial goal that I’ve been working towards. It’s only 2% off, and with next weeks pay and a couple more things to come in I’ll go over it, I had just hoped to surpass that figure by now. I was all geared up and excited to see it when I logged on, but then really did feel quite disheartened to learn the truth. So much so that it made me count out my money box for spare change, which had a lot more gold in it than I realised, so that almost took me over.

Two minutes to go to make the 15 minute mark, infact one now. I’m rambling and just typing out for writings sake. It has made me think a bit about a Workaway for Paris that required you to write an article a day for board or something like that, I didn’t quite understand if it was on anything travel related or more specific, but that could be something to look into more.

Looking forward to a European style chocolate ripple cake for my birthday on November 8. Can’t believe that’s come around so soon, this year has been pretty full on. All I know is that it’s definitely not how I envisaged 25 to be, but I’m not complaining. There’s been lows, some serious – serious lows at that, but there have also been some darn good highs and for that I’m grateful! Who knows what 26 will hold…!


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The next 100 days…

Today is the 23rd of September, 2016. There are 100 more days left of this year, before we enter into 2017, and I am embarking on something new…

I am committing myself to the a little challenge set by Say Yes More / The Yes Tribe called #Yes100. I saw Dave Cornthwaite share a post yesterday offering an idea – to spend 15 minutes one something everyday for the next 100 days, in order to learn, etc. I can’t remember the exact wording, so perhaps will paste a copy of their post in here later.


I noticed someone comment on the post about learning French, and that they would commit themselves to it. It was one of the first things that popped into my head as well, so I sent a reply and now we both have each other to help be accountable each day. I spent a broken 15 minutes on Memrise just before writing this. I’ve used DuoLingo a bit on my phone, but my younger brother said he preferred M whilst learning German. So who knows, I may keep switching between both. I always think it’s good to learn in different forms.

The 100 days of French should help me out a fair bit, as my friend and I plan on returning their for the first bit of November this year, and if all goes well I”ll be over there for most of the month again…

  • Again being that I spent five weeks in Paris last year from the end of October to the start of December last year.
  • And what I mean by all going well is due to the fact that I have been dealing with Post-Traumatic Stress and anxiety since the attacks in Paris which occurred on Friday 13th November last year. This has shaken me a hell of a lot, but thankfully taking a break from everything back in my hometown and surrounded by family, exposing myself to my fears and working through coping techniques it has been getting easier. I still do not know what it will be like travelling once more, but this is something I won’t know until I get back to the UK and Europe – we leave one week tomorrow!


The past week or so I have been beginning to get excited about the adventure I’m about to embark on, six weeks of which will be with a childhood friend road-tripping England, Scotland and France – then after that I don’t really know. A couple of things are planned, the only solid bit so far having accepted a week of volunteering on a produce farm in the South of France towards the end of November.

I have a lot of things to write about, so many thoughts racing through my head I can’t get them all down, but I shall try over the next wee while. With just three more days of work left, I’m getting excited to finish on Wednesday and be open the world of free and flexible time once more – even though it will be, as always, sad to say see you laters and move on once again. I used to think it got easier each time, and in some ways it does, but in other ways it doesn’t. What I do know is that learning from and exploring the unknown is what I enjoy, and even though I am more cautious now than ever before, it’s what I love, so it’s what I’ll do.

So, here’s to the upcoming challenges and experiences, and of course… to saying yes more!

The adventure awaits! Et c’est magnifique! 🙂


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